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website online translators   (free):
     voice reader online: 10 language

  webmaster  and  hostmaster  tools:
  I like:
all  tools  online and free

provide 4 tools

web tools including webmaster tools,  interesting  (link popularity) - there you will see all your website google links 

about 30 tools

webmaster tools and resources, also network tools

web information: world, country rankings and tools. Alexa rank is based on visits registered by Alexa toolbar (if the user have that installed). This toolbar is available for IE from Alexa site. For Mozilla/Firefox are other third-party plugins.

authoring services - these tools provide alternate ways of viewing your pages

net tools and seo tools

online tools -  html, css tutorials

some tools/resoursces

SEO tools, online tools

site promotion tips as well as tools and resources

You'll find a ton of free online tools

place to start optimizing website with testing tools

provides professional search engine marketing services

webmaster and search engine tools

useful tools that will assist you to check and improve the performance of your  website

website   promotion:
 promotionWorld    website promotion/SEO tools

test your browser's security
online tools, favIcon generator, button maker... microsoft demographics prediction your website,
try - type url
tools in menu: scripts
interesting free news ticker, timer, web login..
metatag generator meta tag generator...
metatag analyzer ..analyzer
monitor, check your url
campaign "Viewable With Any Browser"

             dictionary (pl):
        dict pl

website with flags   download:
list about 300 free polish catalogs, add  your website:
katalogi pl